something new

I had driven my sun & hail damaged ‘06 Volvo s60 for far too long. The A/C had gone out, needed new struts and several other costly repairs. It was time for a new car. Since the temperature was beginning to rise, I was more motivated to look into new vehicles. Though Volvo had been good to me and I enjoyed several of their other models, I decided it was time for something new.

When considering a new vehicle, I was concerned with safety, comfort and, of course, style. The car would also need enough cargo space for my massage table. I looked at some sedans and also SUVs. The sedan that I was most attracted to was the Audi A4 (well any Audi for that matter). The new A3 was more within my price range but lacked the cargo room I needed. The A4 would suffice on that front but lacked the horsepower I desired. This would mean for Audi I would need something like the S4 or the A6. With that A becoming an S and the 4 becoming a 6, the $$ became $$$ or greater.

A sedan that caught me by surprise considering its ride, pick-up and additional bells & whistles was the Kia Optima Turbo. I enjoyed how well it handled and the price was far easier to swallow than the luxurious Audi. The rear window is smaller though and can’t see why that large of a blind-spot would be a good thing.

When it came down to it, I really wanted something more than a sedan. I missed being higher-up like I had been in my Durango from long ago. I really wanted an SUV. Once I had settled on an SUV, the Jeep Grand Cherokee really fit the bill when considering what I was looking for in a vehicle. Additionally, I really liked the Granite Gray color, knew I wanted leather seats, and also wanted the 4×4. Those last two additions raise the cost a little but insured that I was getting precisely what I wanted.


The dealership didn’t have an exact match on the lot but found one in Katy and drove it here. After they looked things over, they handed the keys over to me. I love it. Specifically enjoying being higher up for the first time since my Durango which I drove 2001 – 2006, like that it is 4 wheel drive but AWD the rest of the time; and it has an eco mode, which kicks it down a couple cylinders, shifting sooner, saving on fuel. The Satellite Radio, navigation system, and back-up camera are also wonderful features. I truly look forward to enjoying this vehicle for years to come.