Daily Schedule

As a part of my efforts to improve work / life balance, a schedule is essential. I jotted down a list of some the things that I need in my daily schedule in order to be successful at work and in life. Currently, the daily schedule looks like a summer camp for of mindfulness and self-improvement. I have decided not to restrict myself to allotted times, rather granting some wiggle room (this freedom allows my creativity and productivity to thrive).

Running / Fitness 

Days are better for me when I run. It jumpstarts my day, gets my blood flowing; it challenges me yet calms me. Beginning the day with the run, I have accomplished something the the rest of the day cannot take away from. During runs, I am able to process thoughts, experience the outdoors, and stay in strong physical shape. The fitness is listed as some days will fall under a recovery day, those days will include yoga, core strengthening, swimming or cycling.


My self-awareness is higher, mindfulness more abundant when I write. With the practice of writing, I include a few moments of meditation. I reflect and plan, note expectations and experiences, challenges and successes; as well as potential places for improvement. Sometimes is a reflective journal entry, other times it becomes more of an essay on life or a testimony about certain elements within my life.


Over the past several years, coffee has become a staple. It is more than just a shot of caffeine for me; I truly enjoy the flavors that different coffee’s provide. Though Cuvee Coffee is my absolute favorite, I like finding new coffee’s – especially when I travel.


We all need people. Funny enough, I was recently reminded of this through the Lego Batman movie. Granted I watched it at a time when there was a great shift in what I thought I knew regarding my future. The themes that rang true were family, friends, and Not-going-it -alone. Even though each of us may be strong as individuals we are stronger together. Often times. experiencing places, things or events with others adds a significant amount of value to that moment.


With a career in youth soccer development, sports are a piece of my everyday life. I enjoy watching most sports and keep up with the sport world. Of course, it is most enjoyable when I get to play as well.


Currently, learning some things about myself, as individual (outside of a relationship). I look to learn something new daily – whether it pertain to the world, nutrition, the Spanish language, or the driver’s education course which I am enrolled.


Nature. It does so many good things for the soul. Beyond breathing fresh (for the most part) air, sunshine, water, greenery and touching the actually earth  – each of these appeal to the senses and enhance life.


Any or all of these activities or items can be combined. After two weeks with this schedule, only the writing portion has be solitary (or just coupled with coffee). This was necessary at the time; now that I share some of that with you, it falls under community.


new and new-to-me music

Last week I was able to see a few bands play at The Parish but am just now finding the time to write about them. My friend Stephen initially bought the tickets because of the opener, a band called: You Won’t. We usually buy two tickets to any given show and are each other’s plus one, should his wife for him or Lindsey for me not be able to make it. Of course there are times that there is someone else that may care an awful lot about a particular band and they get to go in that case. We trade tickets back and forth this way and the non-purchaser gets the drinks.

The Parish is one of my favorite spots for live music in downtown Austin. I appreciate the acoustics and intimacy it provides. Depending on the time of year, it is one of the few places that I will attend indoor shows in Austin.

You Won’t put on an incredibly entertaining show. I do not mean to say they had lights, smoke, or dancers; the two-peice were themselves engaging. One audience member near me referred to the lead singer as a magician while I feel he was more of a comedian. Comparisons aside, the music itself was also good. They used a variety of instruments, including a saw and demonstrated a wide vocal range as well.

The main act last Wednesday was Lucius. While I described the opener as entertaining, I feel Lucius was energetic. At one point, there were eight drumsticks hammering out beats. I am known to be a sucker for a front woman, Lucius’ two front women proved no different. Their personalities mixed with their musical talent definitely make them a band to watch this year. As an encore, they increased the intimacy by playing a couple acoustic pieces from the middle of the crowd. Here is a video from that wonderful moment that was forwarded to me. 

Incidentally, Lucius knows a friend of mine Caleb Hawley from Berklee College of Music. Caleb just released the first part of a new album; I believe Lucius helped had something to do with its production. Side 1 illuminates Caleb’s musical genius and soul.