dutch lessons .01 (application through Anthropomorphism)

Let me begin by clarifying that these are lessons learned from the Weimaraner, named Dutch, at my house, not actual lessons in the Dutch language. If you need to move on to another blog due to the misunderstanding, please do so now. 

We have all heard that “the grass is always greener” and Dutch seemingly proves this over and over. The grass is greener on the other side for any number of reasons but the one I would like to highlight is contentment. Dutch will sit inside by our sliding glass door and look out over the backyard. Aside from bird activity (more on this in the next episode) and the occasional breeze blowing leave across the patio, there isn’t much to excitement. The backyard is a good place to entertain, just not entertaining on its own accord. 

Dutch is trained well enough to know to go to the bathroom outside. He does this mostly on a schedule so it is rare that he will randomly need to go. Should that time arise he will sit or lie down by the door – stay there – and even begin to whine if needed. If we call him away from the door, he will not budge when he needs to pee or poop. Sometimes he just really wants out though, in these cases he will lie by the door and whine or sigh (like a kid in timeout or teenager ready for this lame time with the parents to end). Naturally, it is up to us to let him out and as always, better safe than sorry. 

WITHOUT FAIL once he is outside, he will want back inside. Regardless of whether he goes out to do business or just to chase a bird, his desire to be outdoors is short-lived. That is until once he is back inside, where after getting a sip of water or taking a lap around the living room, he will immediately need to be outdoors again. I have yet to test it, because of the strain it would place on me and possibly my sliding door, but it might be fun to see how many times he would go out and come in and go out… consecutively. 

Application: What window am I looking out? Where do I want to be and then do I double back to the place I just was? For me I know that I am very “in the moment” but write this today because of how easy it is to want to be on the other side. 

Anthropomorphism: Dutch leaves the comforts of the indoors for the excitement and beauty of the outdoors but misses that beauty and excitement because he immediately wants back in. Once inside he is uncertain how comfortable and cozy it is because he once again desires to be somewhere else. 

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