april absence brings may abundance

As I return to blogging after over a month away, I decided to write this long hand. Of course, now I am typing what I had written on the legal pad. All too often I forget the therapy included in handwriting. For that matter, I forget the therapy incorporated with a number of things: long drives in the car, runs, hikes, spending time with others, the driving range, and yard work. Each of these has a therapeutic value that is taken for granted. The reason for my absence had some to do with motivation and some to do with the rest of life that seems to get in the way; for a while I was even flirting with potentially moving to Houston, but now that is less likely. 

Next week I will update you, at least those of you that do not follow me on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, with my adventures from the past month or so. Instead of throwing it all into one bulk post, each day will feature one specific theme: soccer, music, running, something new and everything that I am looking forward to.  Following next week, I look to get back to blogging regularly. Remaining motivated, if for no other reason, because of the therapeutic aspect of writing. Constantly reminding myself of why I do what I do: Write, coach, and massage because I want to share my passion to allow others to enjoy a similar experience. 





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