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In mid-February, I posted a reading survey.01 to kickstart future posts to write about reading. I was curious what readers of my blog read, outside of blogs, primarily in book form. Today I report the results, including my answers and a promise for another survey soon. I will use  bold italics to highlight answer options from the survey.

My favorite author is Jonathan Tropper. I like his ability to bring even more life to everyday situations. His humor and wit are well-written into each of his characters. Most of his protagonist are similar to me in age, making them all the more familiar, relatable. I was happy to see the variety of answers I received from the favorite author; understanding as well that not everyone can pick just one. I could have narrowed results by asking for a favorite from a particular time or place but left it wide open. Maybe future posts will explore those specifications. At any rate, check out Tropper’s books. If you need a place to start – This is Where I Leave You will be in theaters September 2014: starring Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda & Adam Driver (to name a few).

I read a pretty good balance of literary fiction, non-fiction, and fantasy/science-fiction. The results of the survey proved the same for its participants. I try to read at least three books a month, whereas most of those surveyed read less than one. The second most popular number ranged between one and three. I also still read printed books. It is followed by a close second by audio-books (which I still call books on tape, not unlike this guy). Those surveyed reported that they mostly read printed books. It was followed by both printed and digital but more digital and just digitally downloaded books. Unfortunately, I did not include audio-books in this survey but will illuminate the medium in an eventual post. This past weekend, I had an interesting conversation about the word ‘medium’ itself. So maybe we can explore some diction in the future as well.

This post comes only days before my full-immersion in SXSW, which will most likely dominate my blog for the next couple of weeks. I do not want to abandon the topic of reading and will assuredly return to it once “South By” subsides.

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