One of the reasons I love to write is the opportunity to tell stories. Most of the time, I am telling my own story, whether of a new experience or my opinion’s effect on how I live. As a ghostwriter I have the additional opportunity to write the stories of others. Everyone has a story; everything has a story.  Our experiences make us individuals, every individual has their own story to tell.

Recently, I met a couple of guys and we were cordially sharing what we do, who we are and where we were from. I mentioned my main three occupations but per usual, the ghostwriter label stuck out. These two were fascinated with idea that I met with people and told their story; even more so that I could make a living doing this. One guy said, “so, you’re a storyteller?” This question really struck a chord with me. Storyteller is a much more interesting occupation than ghostwriter. It is a more refreshing way to tell others what I do.

Sharing your story is important. Tell others of your adventures: whether you have hiked Kilimanjaro (as my cousin Annie just did) or weekly make a difference by volunteering. People need to hear stories; histories and adventures, stories of love and suffering. Stories add to our humanity, bring us closer to each other and sometimes make life worth living. Additionally, I hope you can seek people out and listen to their stories. There is so much to learn by listening.

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