on reading

If I am to have children, one of the things I would wish for them, is that they would read abundantly. I may even throw in the fact that I was not fond of reading until later in life. I chose instead, to get outside and create the same sort of adventures that one my only read about. Of course, I now know that there is no reason I couldn’t have both read and explored.

Recently I read an article on The Millions, which is a website you should follow, that talked about required school reading. Below I have quoted a segment regarding a strategy that I am very intrigued by and will decidedly implement into any eventual education. I appreciate the author, , sharing his ideas with the rest of us.

In her Paris Review interview, novelist Andrea Barrett talks about her difficulties in high school, how she used to skip class and was a “horrible student.” Yet there was one person who stood out, a 10th-grade English teacher named Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Williams gave students “an extensive list of really good books to read” and then asked them to journal about their reading experiences. Soon, Barrett was reading more than she ever had before. “Mrs. Williams,” Barrett says, looking back, “was important to me in ways I didn’t understand for years.”

The student choosing to read what they want and reporting such in a journal is brilliant. I also agree that intermediate education is more heavily concerned with test scores than the students actually learning or enthusiasm to become educated. Note: this is not to say, by any standard, that America’s teachers are not doing their jobs. I feel that many teachers are doing excellent work despite some administrative or political influences.

With the blog this year, since I often cannot talk about what I am writing (per ghostwriting non-disclosures), I want to share more about what I am reading. I hope to hear from other readers as well, including what they liked and disliked. Goodreads is a great way of sharing this information socially. Though I will blog from time to time about my reading, follow me on goodreads or twitter for my latest.

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