farmhouse brewery

Last Saturday, in spite of Cedar’s my allergies I met up with some friends at the Jester King Brewery just southwest of Austin. Since I lives in Southwest Austin, it was an easy commute for me. The fact that I had such of good time even though my allergies were under attack, says quite a bit about the establishment and certainly the company. Though I kept track of the beer I enjoyed on Untappd, I did not take many pictures. I borrowed the one below from their website, where you can find more information and photos. I have linked each of the beers that I enjoyed so that you can easily read their well-written, highly-edcuational blurbs.


I do not typically drink sour or fruit fermented brews but tried two on this outing. I preferred the potent Atrial Rubicite to the beer made from its leftovers La Vie en Rose. The beers I enjoyed the most were two brews (pictured below) featured all year long, Wytchmaker Rye IPA and surprisingly a sour RU-55. I finished my visit with two more 4 oz samplers: Commercial Suicide and Mad Meg.


The breweries ranch-like setting makes for a great weekend outing. There is plenty of space to relax or play, depending on your mood or age. Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza is on the same property offering other local brews, wines for the non-beerdrinkers in your group, apps, salads and unique delicious pizza. We quickly devoured the Willie and the Beatrice plus wild boar sausage

I will definitely make another trip out, sooner than later. If you need further convincing, check out Austin Beer Guide (& podcast) as they recently visited with Jeff Stuffings from Jester King.


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