a lone survivor

I almost threw my thoughts and feeling about this motion picture into just another weekend blog post, but knowing it deserved better, it stands on its own here. My brother Joe and roommate Jacob had both read the book, whereas, contrary to the norm – I had not. Going into the film I knew a couple of the actors, deduced from the title that only one man would survive and knew that Explosions in the Sky were a major part of the soundtrack. I try to avoid watching previews of a particular film so close to seeing its feature presentation, therefore did not watch this one. We went to the iPic theater located at The Domain here in Austin. This was my first experience there, pricey, possibly worth it, I would go to the same theater (style of theater) again but only for another highly anticipated film. To talk about that part of the experience would take focus away from the film.

I loved it!. I found that it realistically told the story while keeping the viewer’s interest and pulse peaked. In one word: Intense. On a personal note, I was reminded an awful lot of Petty Officer 1st Class, Adam McSween. A college friend and roommate that gave his life for his country. Much like the soldiers involved in Operation Red Wing, his life was taken suddenly, all too soon.

And this is where I must say spoiler alert. For the same reason I don’t watch many previews, maybe you shouldn’t watch the new clip below (until after watching the film). Today I searched across the internet to find out more. The story isn’t about the failure of the mission but the Pashtunwali Code that a stranger and his village lived by, a “code” that allowed for his survival.

Here is an NPR interview.

For even more about the conflict represented in the movie: http://www.historyvshollywood.com/reelfaces/lone-survivor.php

We have lost many soldiers – brothers & sisters, sons & daughters, fathers & mothers, neighbors & friends – to our involvement overseas. These men and women fight for us, for our freedoms. A movie doesn’t bring anyone back, it doesn’t make their efforts more important but it can and does remind us of their heroism. Never forget, never quit.



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