miscellaneous monday: boom kinetic’s future colonial

Naturally, it is hard for someone to be completely objective when listening to new music from someone they know. I would argue that feelings should always be incorporated into the listener’s decision to support and promote a band or sound. I grew up with Greg and Zach of Boom Kinetic, formally a cover band that now produces original and moving music. So to determine whether or not I loved the new album from Boom Kinetic, I re-examined their 2010 album “Part Gray / Part Bright Lights“. In this particular listen, I enjoyed several songs – Cursive, Cold Confidence & Hard to Say – but not necessarily the entire album. After this, I gave the new album “Future Colonial” another listen. The first song, The NIght I Closed My Eyes, is electronic and chill but with a moving energy that launches the listener into another world, a world that is a fantastic album.

The second song, Lie with the Lion, ranks among my favorites and I literally woke up this morning with sound waves of City Ocean echoing through my mind. I feel that each song brings something beautiful, complimenting the collection with thoughtful and often passionate lyrics mixed with choral harmonies and talented instrumental play.

After informing a fellow music enthusiast and blogger, Rachel Halliday, about “Future Colonial”, here is what she had to say:

Wow. I love their sound. And here’s how I know I really like them: call me amateur for this being by litmus test, but I didn’t skip a single song. And their lyrics are great too.

I especially loved City Ocean, Origins, and No Variations. And The Great Divide because I’m a sucker for any song/band that sings about the 4th of July. 🙂

The album, officially released last Friday and is available on iTunes. The band will be at The Rev Room in Little Rock this Friday, November 22 for an album release party.  If you are in Arkansas get yourself a ticket now, as to everyone else – download the album and see what you’ve been missing.

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