soundtrack genius

The past couple of days I have had more than one conversation about what I am listening to lately. It is that time of year that we need music to listen to, I’m not talk about Christmas; I mean the time of year for cooler weather, when we need sounds and songwriting that warms our heart and stirs our soul. For example, Oats in the Water by Ben Howard – featured on the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Overall, I have been more impressed by the music that accompanies that show this season. Howard’s song in particular, really struck a chord in me.

I think it is great when a television show or motion picture can incorporate music that moves the viewer deeper into the piece. Though the above is possibly a product of Super Music Vision, I want to highlight another music supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas, of her own label – Chop Shop Music Supervision. The OC was my first introduction to her genius, which proved greater still through ER, The Twilight Saga and Mad Men. She is the only music supervisor that I know by name and can typically recognize when she is behind the soundtrack of a show. According to IMDB, she has 100 credits; that is 100 episodes or movies that are significantly better because of her participation. I actually have chosen to watch certain series solely because of her association.

Chop Shop Music’s latest project, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack, is available for stream this week before its release next Tuesday. To name a few, it features great music from The National, Lorde, Coldplay, and The Weeknd. Listen here. 

Thanks again Alexandra!

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