have you seen johnny on the spot?

Last night, before going to a great ACL Live taping of Portugal. The Man, some of us happy hour’d at La Condesa. Brilliant place to go from 5-7 on a weekday, by the way. Our conversation drifted from the last flood and potential new flood (which did happen, more news here) to Halloween plans to my phoning a friend to find an answer to a million dollar question.

My friend Eric is a native Austinite. He knows the most up-to-date information regarding Austin and, among other sports trivia, Longhorn Athletics.  On my drive downtown, I passed three police SUV’s pulled over to the side. No big deal, right? But when I see another threesome and another and multiple roads closed and police barricades – I begin to wonder. Driving is no time to text or research online and a bit ashamed that I was naive to the situation, I phoned a friend. “What’s going on in Austin that would merit multiple police entourages and barricades?” and maybe I was a little more long-winded than that. He simply replied, “Joe Biden is in town.”

I told the others at the table that this story and by taking the train or working downtown, they had missed the traffic. None of us knew why he was in town, so naturally we googled it. More on why he was here can be found here.

Someone at the table brought up a hotline that Auburn University hosted back in 2007. Call  (334) 844-4244 and ask them any question that you need. The number service is still active. We joked about the phone a friend option from Who want’s to be a millionaire? 

To paraphrase something I once heard from a comedian: [Remember when we just didn’t know things? You and your friends hear a song on the radio and don’t know who sang it and it would bother you and bother you and even still today don’t know who sang that one song.] If you know of the comedian, please remind me of his name.

So dated, all these things. The guy that would know the thing, have the answer for whomever may ask and be ready at any beck and call, was named Johnny-on-the-Spot. Until, Eric’s help last night, I thought we had lost him somewhere along the way. I supposed he had died of unnatural, technological advancement. We used to ask our friends, then our computers, then our phones and now our watches.

Call me old fashioned but I will strive to keep Johnny-on-the-Spot alive, even if only in spirit; I will call Eric. Additionally, while many Americans, specifically today’s youth, find the quick answer on-line, I will challenge myself to read and study in order to know. It is becoming easier to get away with knowing less, but I say there is no good excuse.

Live – Laugh – Love – LEARN

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