finally fall, in Austin at least

When I moved to Austin eight years ago, I knew I was giving up the opportunity to have four full seasons and particular more of the warmer ones. My time in Nebraska taught me that I didn’t want to live in a place with that much cold and that little sunshine. So I am experiencing more and more things about seasons, different ways to value them per say.

Fall does means cooler weather but it also mean so many other things. It means MLB Playoffs, teams playing – especially when facing elimination – their hardest in order to play again tomorrow. It means pumpkin flavored anything: bread, beer, lattes, pancakes and pies. And I can’t NOT MENTION beards and whisky. Fall means football, on every day of the week except for Tuesday and Wednesday; you have to work sometime right? The cooler temps mean jeans and long sleeves and closed-toe shoes. Running times decrease with the temperature and the will to run increases.

Though the month began 17 days ago, it finally feels like it today in Austin. October in particular, nostalgically grows hold of ones soul, proven again and again through music, movies and literature. Here is something I wrote years ago, while reflecting on a falling leaf in Nebraska in October.


Collage of individuality,

Sixty-three degrees,

Colourful confetti,

Suicide of a beautiful thing.

A list of October titled band and songs: Blue October’s band name, U2’s album & song October, James Taylor’s album & song October Road, The Helio Sequence’s October, Green Day’s When September Ends, Pivot’s October, Amy Whinehouse’s October Song, Broken Bells’ October.

Even a couple movie titles: The Hunt for Red October (book first of course, RIP Tom Clancy), October Sky, October Baby,

And how can one talk about October without Octoberfest?! The German festival that has inspired brewers everywhere to make a fall appropriate beer. Though you can’t go wrong with the German beers labeled Octoberfest, some of my local favorites (all named Octoberfest, of course) include: Real Ale, Saint Arnold, Shiner, and Karbach – which is actually called Karbachtoberfest.

Since I am so glad for this time a year, it is time to stop writing about it, get out there, and enjoy it – whether it be a sport, drink, food, or fun – but now before it’s gone. ((Incidentally, when it is, we can all go down to New Braunfels for Wurstfest.))

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