miscellaneous monday: menomena & helio sequence

Last Friday, while most of the music lovers that live in Austin were down the road at ACL Fest, I spent the evening at Mohawk. Mohawk is one of my favorite venues in Austin, run by good people that appreciate great music. This night in particular they introduced me to Menomena, whose music I have shared above. The group has been making music for a while but they are new to me. The band as it is now, produced its best album yet in 2012, even after losing an original member to his solo-career.

My history with The Helio Sequence dates back to SXSW 2008. Since then, I have seen them three other times, all in Austin, all memorable and magnificent. I have purchased all of their albums and regularly play any one of them at any given time, all to the way through. When they were introduced, as if they needed an introduction, their music was called “absorbable”; it sticks with you versus many of the “consumable”  records we see come and go. Here is a taste of your new favorite band; catch ’em on tour if you can.

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