miscellaneous monday: at home in the heights

Yesterday, Lindsey and I were at Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar in Houston, currently my favorite place to eat out, anywhere. Though I have mentioned many of my Austin favorites in the past and maybe a couple Houston hotspots, this place takes the cake. The cake they take is from their sister sweet-tooth satis-factory Petite Sweets; they put that Salted Caramel cake into a milkshake. Now that you know the ending and I’ve ‘eaten’ my dessert first, I should let you know the rest of reasons I sing so many praises for this restaurant.

Sometimes I chose to write about a place after just one visit, typically an amazing experience I cannot wait to share with everyone else. Interestingly enough, I am surprised to find that I have not written about this one. It serves as an advantage to those who haven’t yet experienced Liberty Kitchen. I can say that they have proven themselves again and again, over time.

The location is a part of why I love Liberty kitchen, it is walking distance (and we do walk) from Lindsey’s. We prefer to sit at the bar – the service, knowledge and care that the staff put into my experience exceeds my expectations. The few times that we have sat at tables have been good but not near as excellent as those at the bar. This almost begs the question of the experience one gets from a bartender versus a waiter. Chris and the others behind the bar are top-shelf when it comes to the service industry.

Much like Cenote and Houndstooth made me into the coffee drinker I am today, Liberty Kitchen (along with Parkside and Clark’s in Austin) has contributed to my growth in oyster education and enjoyment. In addition to select massive gulf oysters, the Kitchen offers three or four other varieties. Their new “coming-soon” Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette, will offer even more. I always order from the blackboard, oysters and entree, and haven’t been disappointed yet.

From the menu I can recommend the gumbo, the bacon jam butter mashed potatoes (bacon jam anything really), deviled eggs & deviled fried oysters, the trout, and the dixie fried chicken sliders. The cakes and pies vary from time to time; as I opened with, I am a fan of putting one of the cakes into a shake.

Sorry I don’t have pictures but the website has a few. As you’ll also see there, they are owned and operated by Fegen & Ellis, who are also responsible for two other worthwhile establishments: BRC and Petite Sweets.

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