miscellaneous monday: austin meet air review

When it comes to music festivals, I prioritize my time for bands that I am least likely to see again. My list is made from a mix of bands I already know & love and some new, up-and-coming acts that Paste, NPR, 101xFilter and Under the Radar might recommend. Last SXSW, NPR said good things about Air Review, a quintet from Dallas. This put them on my radar but they unfortunately fell into the “catch ya later” category of my band list. This past Saturday, they returned to Austin and I finally came through on my promise to see them.

I had been to the Scoot Inn prior to Saturday but this was my first show there. Though the outdoor patio venue is no Stubb’s, I enjoyed it. It offered a comfortable and casual place to enjoy good sound. However, it seemed I was looking at a dimly-lit stage from a well-lit courtyard.

Though I want to highlight Air Review, I must give mention to Pageantry who opened things up nicely. Pageantry, like Air Review, will return to Austin, for bigger shows in bigger venues.

I liked Air Review’s harmonies, electric elements, and indie-pop sound. The band seemed to be a group of down-to-earth guys that love to make music. As I prefer to do when it comes to music, I will let it speak for itself. I opened this post with one of my favorites, America’s Son from the EP – here is a video of another favorite, Animal. I pulled it from Air Review’s website, a good place to visit for more on the talented group.

Those two Dallas area bands were followed by two Austin-based acts you should also check out: The Black and White Years & Royal Forest

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