To what, to whom are you loyal?  One’s nationality is a primary allegiance. Many people associate loyalty to relationships with a significant other; whether that be a spouse, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend.  Beyond these we are often loyal (or disloyal) to friends, beliefs, brands, businesses, or teams.

I could not post anything today without remembering today is September 11; I am sure a number of you have posted, tweeted, texted or even spoken the words “never forget.” Hopefully, you have really remembered the attack on our nation, the lives lost, those who bravely died while saving others, and the worldwide significance of such an event. I am loyal to my country, to what it represents as well as to those who serve & protect my country and would like to think, I would answer, were I called to do the same. Though there are times when I am disappointed by the actions of my country, its leadership, its citizens – I remain loyal. I am proud to be an American.

On a significantly smaller scale, when I simply need a haircut I always go to Chrystal; if I need a massage then it is Sarah. I get my oil changed at the same locations and have a preferred grocery store. I am also loyal to such brands as ASICS for running and Adidas for soccer. Like many choosy moms, I choose Jif.

Part of my loyalty is out of love, some comes from the fact that I know these people and products won’t let me down. Because I remain loyal to service providers, I am rewarded by a custom, above-average experience. Variety may be the spice of life, but a loyal existence allows one to go on living. Loyalty leads to lasting, meaningful relationships that enhance our lives. If we continue to claim to be loyal to major things, we may need to get our day-to-day relationships in order too.


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