miscellaneous monday: state parks

Even though summer is coming to an end, the heat will most likely continue here in Austin. Since lakes are low these days due to insignificant rainfall, we have had to find other places to swim, to enjoy the great outdoors. Granted Barton Springs Pool and the Barton Creek Greenbelt are always close by but their proximity lends to crowds, so we chose to venture out during Labor Day weekend.

On Saturday we went to Inks Lake State Park, which was a short, scenic drive from Austin. We packed up a cooler with snacks and drinks for the day so that we could just enjoy ourselves once we found the right spot. The park provides several amenities and rentals but we simply brought some swimming pool rafts and noodles. The Devil’s Waterhole was our swimming hole and it also had some good (SAFE) spots to jump from. One of the popular jumps was close to 20 ft while another almost doubled it. From our group. my brother was the only one to jump from the higher rock. This watering hole is a great place to enjoy the water, without having to drive all the way to Sedona, AZ.

After using Sunday to recover from the sun, just Lindsey and I went out to Pedernales Falls State Park on Monday. We were curious about the water level because we had driven over a nearly dry portion of the river only days before. By comparison the water was more sparse but still pleasant. For a more peaceful afternoon, we walked up river from the “beach” and found our own little nook of water. That very day, a friend of ours actually swam in the Falls portion, a place we had avoided because of the water-levels, signage and advice from the ranger. I would recommend checking out the Falls first and deciding for yourself how you want to spend the day.

Though I will be traveling in September, I hope to make it out to another swimming hole or two. I enjoyed exploring outdoors once again. Since I doubt that I will make it to any of these soon, maybe you can recommend a few places as well.

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