an American listening to White Lies

Above is the first released single from the new album, BIG TV by White Lies. The UK release of the album was last Monday, but Harvest Records brings it to us in the States today. BIG TV is the band’s third album and reveals the same poetic, dark, electro-punk-pop romance that the previous albums did.

Releasing their first album To Lose My Life in 2008 – White Lies really ‘brokethrough’ scene in 2009 with accolades from UK music magazines Q and MOJO, nominations from MTV Europe and NME.  I found them courtesy of a fellow soccer coach from Manchester, who told me to check them out at SXSW. The afternoon show at the Filter Magazine Cedar Street Courtyard in 2009 was my first experience with them and encouraged my first ever ‘doubling-up’ on a band during the same week. Their Stubbs’ show that week solidified my good opinion of their brilliant sound. Since then, they have released Ritual another hit which proved, once again, their ability to passionately tell story through music. Their intoxicating sound has only grown Bigger Than Us over the past couple of years; remaining consistent yet more confident, today we have their newest BIG TV. Enjoy!

I have previously posted the below song, but in case you missed it: Getting Even is available as a free song, follow the links from their Soundcloud.

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