miscellaneous monday: xeriscape & handshakes

Yesterday I drove from Houston, TX to Hot Springs Village, AR. This required a fair share of backroads and smaller highways. These are the roads I prefer, seeing small-town America. One particular situation stands out from the drive: a successful road-side sale of a flatbed trailer. When I am traveling at higher speeds, only able to witness each thing or event for a limited amount of time, I pick up as much information from each passing glance. It is similar to high-speed people watching. I like to come up with a back-story to represent most people that I come across. Yesterday, the story was there for the taking and no assumptions had to be made. Two men stood next to a trailer, one with a “For Sale” sign in his hand, both smiling and shaking hands. This proves the saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. That one handshake told quite a story.

Hot Springs Village is a golfing community just north of Hot Springs. Plenty of handshakes happen here. The homes inside the village belong to ‘two types of people’, those that live here and others that have property here in order to visit on occasion and play golf. I noticed on my run this morning that most of these homes were xeriscaped (or what many may call zero-scaped.) The xeriscaping allows for low maintenance to their lawn with a manicured look. Xeriscaping here makes doubly makes sense. The golf-courses require additional water and could be considered the property owners’ backyard. Secondly, if the owner is not at their home full-time then a yard that requires less water and pruning is ideal. It probably doesn’t hurt that “everybody’s doing it.”¬†Hopefully, we will see more xeriscaping in drier and hotter clients. I think recent climate changes may even require it.

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