miscellaneous monday: my weekend

Truly believe that people say they “had the best weekend ever!!” way too much, so I will be on the level and say I had a very good weekend. I write about it here because it is rare to have such a consistently fun-filled weekend, in which something remarkable happens each day. To avoid redundancy (TAR), I am only highlighting new-to-me events from each day of my weekend.

The band Little Hurricane is not new to me or you since I have blogged about them before, but experiencing them in an intimate setting with as few as fifteen others is new. We were there, an afternoon soundcheck party, because CC and Tone were making up a previously cancelled appearance. Something this unique – made up for it indeed. TAR: I cannot say how amazing the actual concert was or how excited I am for their new album coming early 2014. 🙂

Friday’s (other) new-to-me moment was dinner at the restaurant Perla’s. They have a good selection of oysters and an assortment of quality fish dishes. Though I enjoyed the food and the company, I will not elaborate because I prefer their little brother restaurant Clark’s or their competitor Parkside.

On Saturday, we ventured down to San Marcos to Don’s Fish Camp. The San Marcos River has fewer restrictions, more places to post-up and relax, and fewer places where one might lose their cooler. Don’s has a good system of busing you up the river so you finish at the camp, at your car. I’d recommend going early and taking your time while on the water. Definitely grab some of the BBQ brisket tacos from food tuck at the end of your float.

On Sunday, I met a different group of friends at Top Golf. Though I had driven past the one in Houston many times, I had not had the opportunity to play there. My expectations were most certainly surpassed. Austin’s edition of this multilevel driving range is three stories, we had a bay on the top tier.  The system electronically tagged each ball scoring each hit within a variety of games. We played a regular game, a distance game and a finesse game. Each game provided a different challenge and allowed for us to hone a particular golf skill. All that said, this is NOT just a driving range but a social experience. There are servers that bring drinks to your bay and comfortable seating while you watch, critique, distract or ignore your friends’ swings. Golf-minded or just looking for a place to hang with an element of entertaining participation – Top Golf is the place to do it. I am already going back tonight.


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