miscellaneous monday: metamorphosis

Change is tough and scary. It is hard to let go of something and find something else to hold on to. Changes that happen in our lives come and go. Some are involuntary – changes to our bodies, parents moving so we have to change schools, someone fires us or breaks up with us; then there are the times where we are the catalyst. The former can be dismissed because they were beyond your control, while the latter carries more weight because you are the one that made it happen.

BUT – you knew all that… you also may have guessed that I am experiencing some change myself. After three solid years as a massage therapist at Life Time Fitness, I have resigned. My time there was worth it but IT is no longer worth my time. Of course there were a number of factors that went into my decision, some could say it was a long time coming, but the main reason was that it was no longer how I wanted to spend my time. Massage is a wonderful thing and I appreciate what it does for me – relaxation, injury prevention, balance; I enjoy giving those things to others and still will, just not at LTF. When it comes down to it – I would rather be… writing.

Eliminating my position at Life Time gives me the extra bit of freedom that my mind needs to spend that time writing. My energy is no longer divided among another part-time job but committed to the one that I prefer. My blog, my fiction, and my career as a freelancer (& ghostwriter) are free to bloom again.

Ghandi – “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Norman Vincent Peale – “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

Harold Wilson – “He who rejects change is the architect of decay.”

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