miscellaneous monday: my dream job

If you asked me last week what my dream job was, I am sure that I would tell you that I am currently working it. As a writer, I get to create, process and entertain; as a massage therapist, I am allowed to help others heal or relax, while encouraging healthy lifestyle practices and choices; as a soccer coach, I am able to educate and promote my love for fitness and the game. All of these come with a flexibility to travel, to run and to explore – to live. To do what one loves is to have a dream job.

It is about now that you are remembering that I started this post with “If you asked me last week…” Last Friday, Runner’s World posted a link that made me question my contentment. As someone who has run for miles in every place I’ve traveled: in Thaliand, throughout Europe, Canada, Mexico and the 43 of the 50 states, in which I have visited; as someone whose friends come to regularly for advice on running, injuries and as a comrade to celebrate their latest running success; as someone whose running is just as essential to life as breathing is to everyone else – a career highlighted through Runner’s World most certainly gets my attention.

Westin Hotels has signed on with the Rock n’ Roll Marathon Series and is looking for someone who loves running and is willing to travel and share that love with other runners. Seriously! The RunWESTIN Concierge would be an ambassador to runners making their travel experiences more comfortable, their marathon weekends less stressful, and motivate, educate and encourage participants. Needless to say, I’ve applied.

As I await the next portion of the application process, I mention all of these things here to motivate you to find and pursue your dream job. I also hope this post promotes some running awareness of the running community that is continually growing. New programs like the RunWESTIN Program will help more and more people meet their running, fitness and overall health goals; while seeing more and more of this great country and wonderful world.

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