miscellaneous monday: mystery jets & mumford

Saturday night I was feet away from the stage at the Austin 360 Amphitheater. The sold-out show featured an incredible better than ever Mumford & Sons, with two openers: Mystery Jets and Michael Kiwanuka. I was there with my brother Joe and two of my cousins, Mary Elizabeth and Annie. The girls were the reason my old butt was so close but it was refreshing to have that “new to big concert” and “part of the show” feeling again. Especially hard to beat being at the feet of Mumford for the beginning of their encore, which included an acoustic-round the ‘radio city -esque’ mic. My phone had died by this point but here is a photo my cousin took:


I enjoyed Michael’s sound and will listen to him again but not live, or at least not at such a large venue as Austin 360 Amp. I did enjoy Ben Lovett (of Mumford) playing a few songs with them. I’d say this soulful music is worth a listen, possibly on the patio while watching the sunset.


Finally, the initial opener, which most concert goers do not even get to see; the one that you think you’ve heard of, maybe even seen somewhere before. The Mystery Jets put on a very impressive show; really started the night off right. I particularly enjoyed: Radlands, Someone Purer and The Hale Bop. Beyond the band’s music, they feature a pretty unique story. A story, unparalleled in mainstream music but not to be used as a gimmick to gain interest or support. For that reason, I will not regurgitate it here but simply ask that you investigate on your own accord; possibly after enjoying some of their music.


Though ALL Mumford & Sons shows are probably sold out, gives these bands a listen and maybe support them by purchasing one of their albums. Additionally, seek Mystery Jets out for future shows.

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