running behind, literally

National Running Day was last Wednesday, June 5; it annually falls on the first Wednesday of June. I read many posts throughout the day of people getting out to celebrate running and found some to be doing a little more than that. Out of admiration I want recognize two of these efforts.

Austin – National Running Day of Service Which I think is an excellent idea and can see it becoming a regular practice. A running group that met weekly – ran, showered, served. This could be a great thing for our communities, our nation.

Zoe Romano – Running the Tour de France route; raising money for Boys & Girls Club while doing something phenomenal. Not necessarily for National Running Day but for the love of running, adventure and helping kids. Very inspirational young woman, follow her and support her if you can.

You don’t have to raise thousands, build homes or feed folks to make a difference. Maybe, you pick up trash in a park on your cool-down or maybe you help a neighbor in their yard. You don’t have to run 2,000 miles to be a runner. You don’t have to be a marathoner or even run a 5k; all you have to do is run.

I want you to be encouraged by these two stories. If you have to run then walk then run then walk again, that’s fine – just get out there. Signing up for a running group or a race can help with the motivation, but it isn’t necessary. Find a way to make a difference in your community, for your community, for our world. If you are able to run and serve – even better. If you or those you know are already doing so, please share your story here.

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