moving forward

The college world series is into the Super Regional stage of the competition and even though Arkansas is no longer participating I am still drawn to watch. It has become another excuse to keep me from this blog. Other excuses include but are not limited to rare opportunities to hang out with particular friends, work as a massage therapist at Lifetime Fitness, travel or simply not having my computer with me. Today my schedule at Lifetime is wide open so I thought ahead and brought in my computer. Not that I have had an everyday desk job but I think that managing a blog on a daily, or at least regular, basis would be easier for someone behind a desk all day. Clearly, I cannot blog while massaging or while coaching soccer or while driving. My blogging has to come before I get into all those things or after coming home tired from all of the above. I know that work better under pressure and better with a schedule or routine. I suppose waking – running – writing every day before 8:00 a.m. will be difficult but it is quite possibly the only thing that I can do to ensure the daily practice.

I write this not as an excuse but more to express my disappointment in my recent commitment. So moving forward, I hope to be better; remembering that sometimes, improvement is all one can hope for.

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