Why are you listening to them?

Why do you like the bands that you like? Why do you hate those that you do? Is it because of their lyrical genius or rhythmic prowess? How they make you feel? How the look or dress? Does it matter to you how many other people like them?

Maybe it is because of my musical background but a high percentage of my judgement is based on the band’s sound. The choice of instruments and how well they blend with the voices. As a word-lover, I put some weight into lyrics. Do they work with the sounds? Do they strike a chord in me? That said, I can appreciate a band’s ability without falling in love with them, but sometimes my resolve is not so strong.

My current top five: Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, The National, White Lies, and On an On. There really isn’t an order to the above but the first four are pretty solid and the last is in a rotating spot that has been held in the past few years by Local Natives, Of Monsters and Men, PolicaThe Joy Formidable (to name a few). Maybe it is really a TOP FOUR with an honorable mention(s). I only linked the less popular names.

The National have a new album, Trouble Will Find Me; which I love. This new album is actually an inspiration for this particular post. A number of people cannot listen to The National because of their dark, sometimes depressing nature. On the contrary, I am captivated by their sound and most of which Matt Berninger has to say. Unlike others, I appreciate the crescendos and repetition. At times he comes off broken, other times more victorious and this is a fantastic representation or real life. The thoughtfulness that was placed into each musical movement and the accompanying words is evident; I appreciate this on a very deep level. My argument may not convince you to like them, but I only hope it gets you to listen in order to decide for yourself.

The important thing is that I like these bands because of their sound, their lyrics, the passion they pour into both. The thing about passion is that it can be intimidating. Sometimes being passionate about one thing means you alienate the listeners that disagree or whom are lukewarm toward a similar attitude or expression. So it should go without saying, like what you like – listen to what moves, motivates or melds most with you. Don’t like a band solely because you think someone else might like them. Listen to as much music as you can, find something new. I challenge you to evaluate your choices in music. If you know WHY you love someone it may be easier to continue loving and supporting, maybe even promoting them.

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