miscellaneous monday: memorial day

Today is a day that many have had off from work, spent on or near the water, barbecued and even found discounts while shopping. These are some examples of freedom; the amazing pleasures that we have because of where we live. Like most things we forget to stop, to think about how it is that we were able to enjoy these many things. I am guilty of this as well; it takes me seeing something on facebook or tv before I really give it any thought at all. During my run this morning, I thought about the people in my life that have given up their freedoms so that I may have the right to them. Former family members, friends and even an old roommate have gone to battle for me or taken their turn standing watch over our country. Today, I thought about them; i remembered them.

AMC was running military-themed movies throughout the day. While my brother Joe and I were watching the Dirty Dozen, a number of the commercials reminded us of the sacrifice offered up by so many men. One of which mentioned that I could simply do TEN PUSH-UPS in order to say thanks to the troops. Because of my few seconds of ‘remembering’ them, money was donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. Thanking a soldier and not taking your freedoms for granted is enough; if you can find a way to do something a little more I hope that you do. Feel free to post other ways to help in my comments.

I gratefully live in the moment, moving forward – never forgetting.

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