excuses, excuses

No excuse is a good excuse but, sometimes, bad excuses make for good writing material. My absence the past couple of weeks is due one of these bad excuses after another. The first of my first world problems came when my MacBook Pro was no longer working. The logic board had gone out because my overall treatment of the laptop over the last six years could be called less than gentle. By this I simply mean that I set by backpack down a little too carelessly, one too many times. I did in fact blog from my phone the #strongerthan post but “Fool me once…” The cost of repairing the logic board is significant; I felt it was worth it to put that cost toward with a new machine. I went with the MacBook air because of its size, weight, and the fact that it fits my every need. Certainly, I could have visited a library or borrowed a computer but clearly I did not. I would like to think that had I strongly felt the need to post something, as I did with the #strongerthan post, I would have made it happen. The second excuse for my absence was an amazing trip to scenic, nope better than that, breathtakingly beautiful Vancouver, B.C. Though I took extensive notes while there, I did not post them online.  There will be a later post about the trip and the marathon.  Finally, I have been helping a few friends with some of the things they were writing: letters, resumes and the like. I am happy to be back to the blog and apologize for missing for the time that I did.


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