As a runner, as a writer – okay okay, as a human I try to find inspiration wherever I can. Last week I noticed one of the personal trainers at Lifetime Fitness has a tattoo reads “stronger than cancer”. This brought to mind several questions: Is it literal? Did SHE beat cancer? Someone she knows or knew? I talked to her about it and learned that it was her mother’s cancer (mother’s choices that lead to that cancer) that this trainer was “stronger than”.
Additionally, a massage client came in – she is participating in the 90 day weight loss challenge and rewarding herself with a massage for every 10 lbs. lost. This was her third massage. Stronger than cravings.
These encounters combined with the Boston Bombings , where Boston proved to be Boston Strong – stronger than fear, stronger than hate, have inspired me to be #stronger than.
We all persist, survive and overcome throughout our lives – what are you stronger than today?

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