Being & Believing

Some days will bring you sunshine

Others will be dark and grey

Some days will greet you with joy

Others with sorrow or shame

These changes in life’s weather;

The songs it chooses to play

Some will be warming, others freeze

You’ll need to stay strong, believe

Survive the weight of the world

And the pressures that bear down

You desire to fly so high

And it keeps you on the ground

The butterflies and flowers

In black and white, all are shown

Though you search with all your might

You can see no stars at night

It stacks up, adds up, it’s an

Overwhelmingly hard go

But as you do move through it

As you learn and as you grow

As you become, as you be

I would hope that you know

That, come what may, I believe

You can and you will, succeed

With your vision

With your need to be

You can, you always will, succeed



Rough beginning

Over distance

Over time

Through trials


Loss and pain

But spirit lifts sinew

Seeing meaning again

and winning is found

As is

The game we once knew

Flooded with excitement

Chance to slay the giant

Keeping composure

Overcoming obstacle

One team

One goal

One word…


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