miscellaneous monday: marathon monday

I had every intention of writing about my run today, not in Boston but a twenty mile training run here in Houston.  Then I heard the unbelievable news from the Boston Marathon – two bombs exploded near the finish line. The explosions have left 2 dead and an ever rising count of injured is currently 23. At one point, The Boston Globe tweeted that 100 people were being treated in area hospitals but no authority has confirmed this.

Here are a couple links to live blogs on the story: Al Jezeera and NY Times Follow the Boston Marathon or The Boston Globe on Twitter. Additionally, #bostonmarathon seems to connect latest scrolling updates and is just being re-presented within the above blogs.

Though it typically goes without saying, those involved and their families are in my thoughts and prayers this evening. This madness in Massachusetts is troubling to me for a number of reasons. I will NOT try to understand it but simply state that it is horrifying what evil exists in the minds of some people today. An act such as this, for any reason, is unacceptable if we are to all exist for an extended number of days, months or years to come. Though most likely domestic, it is unreal and let’s agree insane, that someone would feel they could do this for whatever their reason might be.

As a runner myself, I know that even the minimalist-most efforts that every single participant could endure to train and then complete a marathon. Furthermore, you must qualify to run Boston. A marathoner trains for months leading up to an event; they rearrange their lives in order to add to compete. Some do it to run faster than others, some try to run faster than they have before, some do as a memorial to a loved one, some to raise money for a charity, some to challenge themselves and push themselves farther, some want to lose weight, others to maintain; each have their reasons, though some more inspiring than others, all are valid and all require commitment, perseverance, and heart.

To avoid letting the terrorists or what- whom- which-ever it is that is responsible get the upper hand here: I will tell you about the run I endured today, but in respect to those who were more immediately troubled and/or injured in today’s event, I will tell of my run – tomorrow.


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