Under the Shade Tree of Enlightenment

I sat down to write a poem for you today
One that would make you smile, touch your heart
I wanted to write the most beautiful thing
But I did not even know where to start.

I could write about your physical being
each part whether containing beauty or flaw
and that I loved you, not in part but whole
only to find it was not poetic at all.

I moved on to conquer the emotions
and how you always seem to make me melt
But then realized how I should write about
The thing itself and not just how I’d felt.

I put all poetic devises aside
what I guess I mean to say is this
I like your companionship and your touch
but mostly how your hugs feel like a kiss.

I wish though that I could fit you in a verse
and include everything you mean to me
but you’re too marvelous and I lack the skill
to put you into words, to put you into poetry.

Everything’s not lost (a hunt for hope)

beaten, tired, defeated __ sitting in the shadow

gravity affected lip corners __ heavier eyes

in a time she finds she dislikes this place, some people,

the long day

distressed by the difficult __ remembers when she was

challenged/encouraged by a troubling task

or a tasking trouble-r

closing her eyes __ she disappears to then

(almost forever ago)__ keeping her composure,

thinking on the strength of her mother

eyes open __ realizing she is still here (now)

here with demeaning dudes, worry stricken somewho’s

a young poet pretending to pick through her psyche

sigh __ her expression is greater than or equal to ( > )

the definition of sad __ like a well written tragedy

her mien evokes pity

she tries again __ she sees him, the man she once loved

loneliness and self-pity vanish in his presence

A Smile __ claims “Ollie Ollie oxen free” upon her face


turbulent jolt __ awakened

unexpectedly catching a break, one she feels

she has been chasing for half of an eternity


Opportunity to dream

Falling hard

Into a

Fabulous fiction

Even if only for a moment

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