cauliflower: childhood’s capricious combatant

Are you cooking with cauliflower?

Notice, I didn’t asking if you were eating your cauliflower or cooking cauliflower as a side dish; my question is rather “are you using cauliflower to make other things?” When I put it that way it almost sounds like I am asking you to play with your food. Maybe I am; I am at least asking you to explore a little with it.

The first time I had cauliflower wasn’t until this past year some time. This would be understandable if I was a five-year old, but I am thirty-four. The reason behind this phenomena is that my mother hated cauliflower growing up and therefore not only never cooked it, but also recommended against ever eating. Since I wasn’t crazy about vegetables then anyways, I had no problem abstaining. So, naturally, you can imagine my surprise to learn that cauliflower has very little of a taste of its own. If anything broccoli should have been my childhood culprit. ((Please let the record show, I now eat and enjoy vegetables as I have learned it is all in the preparation))

Since Lindsey is Paleo and I am trying to support that as well as I can. This means I have to eat all the ice cream and wheat that we come across; the things I do… Anyways, she made a Thai-inspired dish one night for dinner and I was worried I would have to eat all the rice. However, she made the rice from cauliflower. It was very good; well-seasoned of course, but very good. A few things she did differently:

1.) sauteed minced, white (instead of green) onions in the oil first, then added the garlic
2.) added the cauliflower that she had prepared in my food processor
3.) added the GREEN onions toward the end for color
4.) though she did not in this case but as everyone could with anything – ADD Bacon

Next on my to-cook list is to create cauliflower crusted pizza.

Your mother might not approve of your playing with your food, and mine especially would not care for cauliflower, but I most certainly recommend giving it a go. Please post other foods you’ve created from other foods, successfully or not.

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