miscellaneous monday: going away

Last weekend, I attended a friend’s going-away party. A couple weeks ago I went to a going-away happy hour and a separate going-away night on the town. Something about a going-away party troubles me. I feel that a party for someone that you will most likely not see again is a little out of place. I can understand getting together to celebrate the times you have had together; once the party is over, however, you have left them with nothing more than another memory. Additionally, what is the memory that you have given them. Is it one of drinking and party games, a hangover the following day, or randomly climbing a tree?

As a disclaimer, I must mention that Saturday’s party hired a professional polaroid photographer to document the groups of friends present. Well done!!

This series of departures has me thinking and motivated me to become the change I wish to see in the world. Instead of placing emphasis on the past, I aim to help this person toward where they are going. Whether I am giving them a gift card to handle necessities in a new place or buying them a massage at a spa in their destination, I hope to make more of an impression than just flip-cup champion, break-dancing genius, or the guy the brought the good whisky. Hopefully, you will be inspired to give them something a little more meaningful than a drink or party or a headache the following day.

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