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Among the Women We Love, rules of manhood and tips on style, Esquire is asking the world for their most life changing hot dog. I like that the question isn’t simply “what is the best hot dog?” or even “most memorable?” but “life changing”. Though my answer to those three is the same, I can see how one could answer each differently.

America has quite the familiarity with the hot dog. We’ve enjoyed them home-made sided with mac n’ cheese and witnessed the annual 4th of July Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Rather it’s all beef, Kosher, ball park, foot long, or bun length, we can’t pass up a good hot dog. We’ll eat them plain or top them with mustard, relish, chili and the list could really go beyond your attention span.

Though I live in Austin among hundreds of food-trucks, one of my favorites is in Houston. The Good Dog Hot Dog food truck can be found around town on most Wednesdays through Sundays; generally at a regular location depending on the day. Their menu features eight different hot dogs (and a Corny Dog) and my favorite, no – most memorable, no – most life changing is the:


avocado, fresh jalapeno, tomatoes, diced onion, roasted garlic aioli, cilantro, cumin & lime

…and I also add Bacon. Though it should have, reading the ingredients may not have convinced you of the obvious life changing capabilities of this dog. Therefore, I will continue. I list it as life changing because it is one hot dog that Lindsey and I will seek out when we are in Houston and miss terribly when we are not. We even went here for Valentine’s Day this year. Much like other foods we enjoy while eating out, we have tried to replicate it at home; unlike the other foods we try at home, we cannot exactly imitate the Quac-A-Dog. Maybe it is the aioli or the freshness of their ingredients, I honestly couldn’t say. You have to admit that the name is pretty clever too. The biggest reason this dog is life changing is it has become the subject of the first article I have ever written for Esquire.

Though it is likely that a Chicago Dog from New York will win, my vote goes to the Quac-A-Dog from Good Dog Hot Dog food truck in Houston. Happy Eating!

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