miscellaneous monday: sxjd #trumpet

When I left you last Wednesday, SXJD had been crowned the week’s champion. Since then he made a number of appearances and took a couple VIP victory laps with his entourage. If you havn’t, you should read last Monday and Wednesday’s posts.

I tweeted where I was listening to whom I was (where service allowed) @themohawkmoon

Allison Gueli, the event manager at Austin’s renowned Parkside, placed a number of us on her VIP listing through BMF Media’s party listing. The first of these, a VH1 party, fell on Wednesday night at the W. Free food and drinks are commonplace at these events; the food here was some of the best: incl. Kobe beef sliders. I attended this particular night party for a band: St. Lucia (pronounced Loo-sha). I was only gently partying, because I had a track work-out early the next morning. This band ranked among the top new-to-me acts I witnessed at SXSW.

Thursday, I didn’t venture down until the late afternoon, but in time for the Enterntainment Weekly party at 219 West. This was my first time to the establishment’s new location. They had a great line-up of food: beef and pork sliders, mini-corndogs, quesadillas. Musically they featured The Lone Bellow (whom I had seen at Stubb’s earlier in the week) and Gold Fields (whom I knew from last November’s Funfunfun Fest). I really enjoyed the intimacy of seeing these two in this venue. The Lone Bellow features a front-three that harmonize beautifully and Gold Fields led us all in a Bloc Party meets Cut Copy dance jam. From there we ventured across town (from far west 6th street to the eastside of 6th) to Liberty to watch an old friend of my newer friends. Cavin Balister has an incredible story and is still (while also improving as) a talented musician. You can find his story here: cavinbounce.com

Friday, was another SBikeSW day for me. Loved parking by the lake and riding my bike in. It made it easier to get around once downtown and easier to drive home, as I was parked next to the freeway. I started my day at Cedar Door for the ASOS party. Their line-up featured Ghost Beach and Angel Haze. Now you, can begin to see that not every performer receives bold font from me; you should certainly check out the bolded bands. The next few stops, though very vivid in their moo-ments are but a blur to me now. They included: Hype Hotel, Handle Bar, a pizza from Backspace, wondering around dirty sixth, and the Red Bull Sound Select with some self-proclaimed rapper.

A SXSurprise: Rainey St. for Lustre Pearl, thanks to Taylor for linking us up with Christian who hooked us up with VIP wristbands into an official showcase; we were even able to by-pass the ridiculous badge and wristband lines. To add to the excitement, my brother Robert joined us just in time. We saw Small Black, DIIV, The Joy Formidable and Fitz and the Tantrums.  Now I should mention that all of these were talented musicians but only The Joy Formidable truly came to play and perform. They not only created energy, as they followed a more mellow DIIV, but maintained this energy till the end of their show. Fitz and his crew seemed to take the stage with an heir of expectation; they seemed to hope to ride the hype wave that surrounded their prior Austin performances. I will give them some props for turning this show, this attitude around. By the end of the show they had everyone involved and enjoying themselves.

On Saturday, started off at the Cedar Door with some free food and drinks. After one artist cancelled to prepare to play a bigger venue later (understandable), I headed to the American Rag showcase by Filter at Cedar Street Courtyard. This is THE venue I’ve attended every SXSW.  We really enjoyed K.I.D.S. but maybe I should also remind you that I am a sucker for a frontwoman. Then back to the Cedar Door for Hits, whom I would actually talked with later that night – cool guys – hope they come back to austin soon. To make the most of our newly acquired VIP wristbands, we headed over to Dickies party to see Poolside. As the party and the week were wrapping up, the crew from Dickies unloaded their remaining free swag.

To conclude the week we hit up the Perez Hilton party as VIPs. The lines had not formed and wouldn’t till closer to Macklemore. Charli XCX and Capital Cities put on good shows. The trumpet player from Capital Cities inspired the title of todays post. Much like The Joy Formidable show defined what it meant perform live, this trumpet spoke to a band’s individualism or uniqueness – the something that sets them apart. Couple other acts then Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, who put on an amazing show. Since it isn’t my preferred type if music it means even more for me to say so. Along with most of the crowd, we left at the end of their show, skipping out on the last two acts. While walking across town to the car, we came across the Smashing Pumpkins secret show. Listening to a couple of their songs was a very good way to end a great week.

SXSW ’13 #trumpet (or thing that made it my SX as opposed to the SX everyone else experienced) was made possible by Lloyd A., Allison G., & Taylor W. I plan to give them each a token (or bottle of something in this case) of appreciation.

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