after further review: sxjd reconsidered & continued

Previously on SXJD, it was evident that the SX version of myself won Friday night; Saturday was forfeited due to this shellacking. I then made some strong stands and was better with pacing on Sunday. A come-back was inevitable!!

Monday was amazing. I had plans to attend a couple parties that I RSVP’d for, but as these things tend to go, I ended up elsewhere. I hit up Viceland for free drinks and to check out the Oblivion movie drone demonstrations. Then over to Rainey St for the Blackberry party (while on my iPhone, nonetheless) more drinks there but then memories of Saturday’s forfeiture triggered a timeout for food and water. Met up with Taylor then and ventured back to Viceland for a couple drinks. The night only got better from there. Earlier in the day, I had been forwarded an email regarding a “secret” party hosted by WillCall. It was Javelina on Rainey and as Taylor set off to bike across town, I went to the venue early.  Brilliant: 1) Completely open bar for the first couple hours. 2) Great line-up, filled with new music to me (another plus) It included: Blondfire, Giraffage (dj), Alpine, Guards, Generationals. I should note that I really like Javelina as a venue too. Great drinks, staff, and food till LATE. Lauren and the folks from WillCall know how to party; I hope their app is equally successful.

SXJD – 12, JD – 9 (most improved), Gosling – 3 (no change)

Tuesday, was my very first SBikeSW experience. I parked (for free) by town lake and took the bike path into the fun. Began over at Rainey with Taylor, Will, Riley and Bethany. Then we headed to Red River. I caught Delorean at Mohawk before meeting them at Club Deville for Lucius, Polyphonic Spree & Wild Cub. Molly & Takats joined us here. After eating a bite, we headed to 1886 (bar at the Driskill) for a couple, okay three Irish Coffee’s. According to my FB post, probably that sneaky SX version, they were just whisky’s. Which of course propelled us into the BOOM! Much Love hook-up from Jenn (through Taylor) to the AMOA (with a reentry, skip the line VIP wristband). Here was another open bar on the roof, killer DJ sets including Flying Lotus. A good balance of free drinks, food, and friends helped to even the score a bit. Biking was pretty clutch as well.

SXJD – 16, JD – 14, Gos – 5 (@sallesea tweeted from AMOA)

However, after further review, we came across this blog post. No seriously, go ahead and read it! That’s right Gosling was such a huge hit on Friday, he was still being talked about on Monday. Since his existence (in this case) was the product of SXJD (@themohawkmoon), it is SXJD that should be awarded the points.

SXJD – Champion, Ryan Gosling – Honorable Mention, JD – Participation Ribbon

SXJD will now “run” his victory laps for the remainder of the festival.

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