miscellaneous monday: sxjd (the score so far)

My SXSW began earlier this year than in previous years. On Thursday night, after catching a great show Tall Tall Tree and Kishi Bashi at the Belmont, Steve and I went to the tail end of the Start-up crawl atop the Omni hotel. We met up with the guys from Own Local and Campus Slice. Mostly everyone else was gone but we were able to enjoy the drinks and view. I would give this night a score of SXJD 1 – JD 2.

Not happy about his loss from the previous night, SXJD came back stronger on Friday. The night began at the Sparefoot party at North Door. Good music, packed with people, good space for dancing. The thing with free drinks is that they are harder to keep track of and most definitely favor the likes of SXJD. From there we made our way, some way or another onto the Wired bus; this was not far from Bono’s bus in Across the Universe. At some point the bus stopped moving but my mind kept going.

SXJD 7 – Ryan Gosling 4 – JD (-3)

Saturday was a bust and while I worked, the score from the night before was proven through and through, painfully so.

Sunday night, I went to Stubb’s for the Automatic SailThru Party for the People benefiting Charity: Water. The Ton Tons and The Lone Bellow gave me the SX experience I had been looking for and typically enjoy. Other party-goers agreed that bouncing from one party to the next just for free drinks in no way compared to the good music and atmosphere that this party provided.

SXJD 10 – JD 4 – Ryan Gosling 3 (Gosling lost his points but by his lack of appearance)

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