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Though I have never waited tables, I have always done my best to be a good tipper. Now that I work within a career where tipping is vital to my income, I feel that I am an even better tipper; especially when the tip is a significant portion of their pay.

How much is enough? I usually tip at least 20% unless the tip is added in by the establishment and I tip what they have already added in, nothing more. At bars, I typically tip per drink; when a drink requires additional work from the bartender, I tip accordingly and vice-versa when they only had to open my bottle of beer. I tip more if more effort is given but typically tip regardless. When it comes to massage, many people do not know how much to tip. There is a sign in the room at the spa that reads “If you enjoyed your service, gratuity of 18%-22% is appreciated.” I do not keep the sign up when I am in the room, I think it is bad form. If nothing else, I do not want a client thinking about my desire for a tip while they are receiving their massage. Though spending money can be therapeutic, thinking about spending money is rarely relaxing. When I receive massages I tip based on the session length: one-third the amount of time given. (ie. $10 for 30 minutes, $20 for 60, $30 for 90)

Do you tip? What are your guidelines?

One thought on “typical tipping tip

  1. i love the part where you wrote ” Spending money can be therapeutic” 🙂 bec. sometimes they just really do 🙂 My guidelines to giving tip is actually based on how i got the service or how i am served. If its food, it is based on how good the meal is.

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