staple food(s)

Everyone has a staple or two that they just can’t go a few days without eating. If they manage to survive those few days, they most likely have some available in their home; the moment they run out, they must get more. I am pleased to say that my staples have changed over the years. Actually, I think that I may have just learned a little self-discipline. Of course, my diet isn’t anything to live by, but it is continually improving. Sometimes, improvement is all you can ask for and even more so, over-all growth is really all I do ask for/expect.

In college, and honestly for too many years after school, my staples included Wheat Thins and Double-Stuffed Oreo’s. Yes! You read that correctly. Something salty – preferably the saltier side of the cracker down on my tongue and something sweet ((skip to next paragraph, if you think you may be grossed out by this next bit Oreo of history)) – open up the cookie and put the non-creamed side back in the tray for roommates and place the other half, filling side down on my tongue. I would usually accompany the cookies with milk and crackers with coke. Coca-Cola Classic, none of that New Coke nonsense! Furthermore, I’d eat other things that were usually fried or processed or sweet or all of the above.

Then I graduated to a time of peanut butter (I too choose Jif) and mac n’ cheese. No, not together, but I’d have to say they became my staples. Sweet tea became my new beverage of choice.

Now I snack on raisins and apples. Though I do still enjoy Wheat Thins, it’s an occasional thing as opposed to ritualistic. The same goes for peanut butter but mac n’ cheese is out (unless it’s made from scratch. I’m drinking far less sweet tea and sodas have essentially been dropped; granted, I’ve replaced them with whisky, coffee and wine. I am cooking more and really enjoying trying new (fresh) foods. Kale, spinach and arugula have repeatedly made their way into my kitchen and mouth.

These changes have affected my moods, sleep, running and overall way of life. What are your staples? Is it something in excess? Hopefully, you can find healthier snacks and still enjoy the things you crave, keeping everything in moderation. Strive toward improvement and balance. 

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