on writing

Typically today would be fiction Friday; however, I’ve written myself into a corner. I have just started work on a novel (no I won’t tell), need to finish the SG of DA piece and continue or finish the fiction.06.a and 06.b. Thinking on this, I realized something about myself as a writer: I like to have several things going on at once and sometimes I write with the end in mind and sometimes write toward that end. I have several ways to get the “creative juices” flowing. My process works best during a run or following a massage, sometimes even more simply with the smells and atmosphere of a coffee shop. Oddly enough, the smell of a fresh cigarette gets me going too. Should I get “stuck” beyond the above faculties, I sit down and organize the plans of my progress. So next Friday, the fiction will be back – hopefully finishing the Paris story and moving forward if not finishing the Downton Abbey remix. I am running twenty some odd miles in the morning and recieving a massage on Sunday afternoon. Have a good weekend; I know I will.

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