SXSW is coming!!

We are just under three weeks until the music portion of SXSW!; one of the most amazing weeks in Austin, another great reason I live here. My first two years of attending ’06 & ’07, I acquired a wrist band and go to a show every night with a small bit of anxiety of whether or not I would get in. The hierarchy works like this Badges – Wristbands – general public. Pretty sure I’ve written something in the past where I compared the badge-holders to the Star-Bellied Sneetches; however, it should go without sayingI would absolutely love to be one. In 2008, my roommate at the time, JT Longino, won two badges from 101x!! He took me as long as I showed him where to go and which new acts to check out; MY PLEASURE. ((Should anyone else, EVER, want to treat me to the same experience with said challenge, I would gladly accept)). Then in 2009, I went back to the wristband – though I had an amazing experience, quite the downer from the previous year’s majestic treatment. 2010 to present day I have not purchased a thing. I bring money for tips and am enjoying more acts than ever; that’s right – I go for free. The trick to this is RSVP’ing your life away. Because I love you, I wanted to share some of my tricks on here today.

Follow: whatever music related website/twitter/facebook you can think of, especially Fader, Filter, Spin, NME, 101x, etc.

Research: find out which bands you can see during the day at free day parties and check out less known acts at night

Here are some of the websites and blogs I use to achieve this very thing:

So whether you are going for a good party with free swag, drinks and food OR you want to experience the next greatest sound, OR BOTH – this should be a good start. See you out there!!

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