miscellaneous monday: whisk(e)y

Last weekend was my valen-birth-marathon weekend. Since I had plans to run the half marathon and help a friend finish the full on Sunday, I didn’t have any blow-out party on Saturday night. This has become a recurring theme, as the Austin Marathon typically coincides with my birthday weekend; exact match with my birthday in 2008 (my first marathon) and then again this year. The Sunday morning event pushed my birthday get-together to Sunday afternoon (my actual birthday anyways). I chose to have a whisky themed party; set up, sort of, as a challenge to see who could make me the best whisky cocktail.

Saturday night, Lindsey and I enjoyed my birthday dinner at Parkside. They serve a delicious drink called the Braveheart: Jura 10, honey water, ginger, & lemon. I found drinking this settled my nerves for Sunday’s race (much like not putting too much pressure on the event, as mentioned in last Monday’s post)and gave me a pretty good standard to judge drinks for the afternoon.

Though I liked and finished every drink sent my way Sunday afternoon, I must give due credit to the winner. Mando Rivera made me a drink that included Whisky, OJ, Honey, & Ginger Ale. He used to bar-tend and also made a mean Whisky Rita (which just changes out the tequila for whisky. I look forward to trying new whisky’s and cocktails and whisky cocktails in the coming year.

What;s your favorite whisky cocktail? Do you have a recipe for one? What are some of your favorite whisky’s (bourbon, rye or Scotch)?

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