I currently have 812 Facebook friends. At the beginning of the year I had over 850. The reason I mention is that every day this year I have deleted at least one friend. It is easy to say this to you because if you are reading this then you are not one of them. There are people on Facebook that I have not interacted with in years, there are some that I have barely interacted with at all, and unfortunately, some that I do not really miss. I am a supporter of having facebook friends and will most likely continue to have a count over 700, as it is becoming harder and harder to delete friends.

Friends I will keep are:

1) those whom I care an awful lot about and enjoy being updated on the lives

2) those whom care an awful lot about me and like, post, message, etc.

3) those whom work in a related field(s) that I do

I think that sums up the criteria. This may sound brutal just deleting friends, but I honestly have far more than I need. Maybe if I don’t meet one of the three criterion above for you, then you should delete me. People change, times change – don’t hold on to something that isn’t there.

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