miscellaneous monday: running

Running keeps me mentally and physically fit. It is my release; it works me out while I work out life. It is my medicine. It is my escape. When I run, there is no right or wrong, no disappointing others, or misunderstanding. I always feel better after a run than when I began. It heals me, holds me, gives me peace. So many things have been written about the positives of running. I am not trying to out-do those but maybe add a little to or affirm what has aready been written. Without running, I become irritable, impatient, inappropriate, in-a-state-un-fun-to-be-around. This blog is to not only log my running adventures but to keep me accountable; to keep me running regularly, for me and the people in my life.

So I run.

I wrote the above in an old blog that was more of a running journal. http://runningjd.blogspot.com  Of course, I don’t keep up with the blog anymore but it was good to read my initial post (which is the copied segment above). Sometimes I take my running too seriously. I get in my mind that it isn’t worth running a race if it isn’t my faster time at that distance. That said, last Friday I registered for next Sunday’s Austin Half Marathon (my 34th birthday). As a running friend and my words from 2007, I will do so for fun, enjoying the city and the ability to run. “No pressure!” Celebrating my birthday in a way. Should you see me out there, I may need to be reminded 🙂

Finally, I want to encourage you to go for a run. It doesn’t matter how far or how fast, but that you give it a go. Hopefully it can become for you, what it means to me.

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