On an On

Welcome to the future! Writing this post from my iPhone, through the wordpress ap. Another thing this place we call the future has given us is free music.

Last Tuesday (week ago yesterday) a radio dj was on about what new albums were out. He then asked if people still purchase albums or cd’s or do they just purchase through iTunes OR listen free through Spotify or some other stream?

I still support the musicians whose music I enjoy the most by purchasing their albums on iTunes. Last week I purchased the new Local Natives (as promised in a previous post) and a debut album from On an On. Courtney Stanley introduced me to them and I may be in love. I’ve since listened to them both albums, all the way through (as I believe the artist intended). I’ve listened at home and on the road. Omitted: “I could go On an On about both of these albums.”

All kidding aside, I recommend supporting the musician that you love in the best way you know how. They seriously work hard to get you the music that gets you through whatever, so return the favor and get through bills.

Stepping down now from this box of soap -the mohawk moon

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