miscellaneous monday: super bowl

Ev-er-ee-one watches the Super Bowl. Whether you are watching because “your” team is playing, you have an affinity for football, the commercials or you just wanted a reason to party. I think it is crucial to follow along in some manner so that you can give an educated response to all things Super Bowl at the preverbal water-cooler on the Monday after. Today’s post is my water-cooler.

I watched the game with my ninety-one year old grandmother, Nana. I enjoyed explaining to her what was going on when; whether it was a penalty or a turn-over and why there was a safety at the end of the game. We also discussed differences between the college and pro game. This was NO mind-blowing party with kegs, ample liquor, games, and bbq, with so many people in attendance that you had to reserve your seat when getting up with a “quack, quack, seat back.” It was, however, just what I needed.

During halftime, we ate a sit down dinner with the silver (very Downton sans servants). Aunt Molly, uncle Bob, and cousin Robert joined us for this. We didn’t talk about the Niners turnovers or immature nature that made them prone to significant penalties. However, I did let them know that I was pulling for Joe Flacco. We actually talked, or they did rather, about the community, who was doing what when and how good the meal was. It was actually a good game for the sit-down dinner since the power went out.

Then there were commercials… I enjoyed the following (maybe I should have links or whichever here): Kia Sorrento Baby, Budweiser Clydesdale, Doritos Goat & Tide Montana Stain. The Niner fans may should have spent more time working on Bud Light mojo and less time in other commercials. All in all, none of the commercials totally wowed me.

Finally, this couldn’t be a water-cooler conversation if I am the only one talking; how did you think the game/commercials/party went?


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