dos especiales

I missed posting on Miscellaneous Monday because I was on vacation in Playa del Carmen. Lindsey and I were at an All-Inclusive resort: Royal Hideaway Playacar. We found it very nice, peaceful and luxurious and met our every need. I enjoyed the all-inclusive nature of the resort. We were other certain that one could not get their money’s worth from an AI resort without consuming alcohol. That said we got our money’s worth.

Upon arrival we had a glass of champagne and then a bottle once we got to the room. This along with flowers and balloons was something I arranged to help celebrate Lindsey’s birthday. Now, please do not be mislead into thinking that we spent the entire time there drunk out of our minds; we simply made sure that we enjoying the resort and our fair share of beverages. The next day we went to the bar and enjoyed the first of many special drinks from Luis. He called it his special and it was incredibly so. We also made our way through an number of typical cocktails – Mojito, Margarita, Mai Tai, Miami vice but none compared to his special.

Find a spot by the pool – possibly with this view:


You should book a stay at Royal Hideaway AND either wait for the staff to come around (quite nice and convenient) OR go to the poolside bar and order the Special from Luis. Actually since there were two of us I would typically order dos especiales. This drink was colorful and fruity but well worth living up to the beach vacation cliché as drinking such a frozen cocktail. He was kind enough to pass on its ingredients onto me. Clever of him to have a special drink to begin with, this encourages the guests to visit him (and tip him) instead of others. The benefit you have in reading this is that I will inform you of the ingredients. It contains pureed mango and pureed strawberries, Pina Colada mix, banana, dark rum and Disarrano. These are thrown in a blender with ice of course. Now how much of which I cannot say but I would eyeball it depending on bow much fruit to ice to liquor ratio you desire coupled with how many drinks you are making. I can commit to commenting on this post with the specifications once I have made it at home.

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