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Shameless Girls of Downton Abbey

The entire staff has been called together and is being addressed by Mr. Carson. “We will be having some visitors today. Ms. Isobel Crawley has arranged for a family from Chicago to come stay with us for a while; something about trouble with their father. That business is personal to them, the only business for you to bother with – is the solitary fact that they will be here.”

Ms. Patmore, “How many’ll be coming along? So that I can manage to cook enough”

“They are six.”

Ms. O’Brien gasps, “Six?! What are we to do with seven extra bodies, trouble enough keeping the growing family upstairs in order.”

“Ms. O’Brien, opinions and concerns of that sort, should be kept to one’s self. Thank you.”

Mumbles cease and all are dismissed.


The staff is all lined up, in front of the home. A car pulls up the long drive and stops directly in front of the massive house. Like clowns from a circus, the Gallaghers push and shove their way out. Deb and Carl climb over Ian to get out first. Philip (Lip) pushes Ian out so that he can get out as well. Carl is laughing as he has just dropped and outrageous fart; leaving the others gasping fro air and cursing his name.  Finally, emerges a tall slender brunette, exposing more skin than she is covering up. She is holding the youngest, Liam – the only African American of the bunch.

Anna is trying to keep form laughing unlike the more serious Mr. Carson, Mrs. Hughes and especially Ms. O’Brien. Thomas smiles crookedly at the sight of Ian.

Carl yells, “Sweet!” and rushes passed the staff and into the house. Deb follows.

Fiona says, “Sorry and thanks.”

Mr. Robert Crawly, earl of Grantham, “We are happy to help, our staff –led by Mr. Carson (who nods at his introduction and Mrs. Hughes (who smiles at hers) will tend to your every need. Now lets get you settled before dinner.”

Mr. Carson begins, “Thomas” who hen steps forward, “please show Mr. Philip and Mr. Ian to their rooms.”

“Gladly Mr. Carson.”

“Anna, please help Fiona to hers and make sure she has what she needs for the child.”

“Yes Mr. Carson.”

Mrs. Hughes turns to Mr. Carson as everyone else walks inside. “We certainly have a heavy task ahead of us Mr. Carson.”

“Indeed Mrs. Hughes, indeed.”


Carl was the only one to refuse to dress for dinner. To him he could make up for this fault by eating more than anyone else. By dinner’s end, his lack of dress proved fruitful as he would have ruined a finer pair of clothes. Isobel arranged for everyone to sit amongst each other; alternating Gallagher family and someone from Downton. On one side of Lip was Mary, who was across from her husband Matthew, and on the other was Edith. Edith found this to be a most opportune time to be the single daughter.

Fiona filled the table in on there most recent adventure with Frank. All were so attentive they missed the glances that Ian exchanged with the Valet, Thomas.

“We were used to him stealing money and coming home drunk. Most recently, he was gone for months and though I was happy to be rid of him, Deb missed him and was hopeful for him to return a changed man. He did return, from Mexico, by smuggling drugs no less. And he – ”

“Certainly we get the idea Ms. Gallagher.” Interupted Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham. “We are glad you are here and have escaped that horrible existence.”

Fiona shifted in her seat, “Yes, I see.” Now Fiona isn’t the type to take any shit from anyone and especially not this old hag. But to look out for her own this time meant she needed to keep her mouth shut. She changed the subject instead. “So Mrs. Crawley? You’re American like us?”

Taken slightly aback, Mrs. Cora Crawley answers, “Well, like you I am not sure, but I am from America.” Lady Grantham smiles at this exchange.

Mr. Matthew Crawley, sensing the tension redirects the conversation, “Philip, what exactly is your vocation?”

“Lip! Just Lip not Philip and I guess you might call me some sort of entrepreneur.”

“Oh!” with some surprise, “quite nice.”

Lip feels he should let his lying and stealing business remain off the record, much like Carl’s disappearing silver ware. Mr. Carson steps in to call the men away for a port and the women leave with Mrs. Hughes.

…continue to check back here for more on this story. I will continue to develop it but will not post a new post.

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